Alæreon, Home of the Skylords

Beliefs Elven pantheon
Inhabitants Avian elves

Alæreon is a mountain-top aerie city-state home to an offshoot tribe of avian elves who have isolated themselves since a political argument in the first century 5A caused them to abandon the nation of Sadâr-Balëth. It is not a member of the Third Accord.

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Capital Züntergärd
Ruler Overlord Magnus I
Inhabitants Mostly highborn (avmaneese)

Magnus I is a half-elf of noble elf and avmaneese origins. He believes the avmaneese are the “master race” and seeks to make the world in their perfect image. Nobody on the world stage really takes him very seriously, though. His nation is isolated, his resources are few, and they’ve been in economic collapse for decades. Magnus I just came to power within the past few years, promising hope and change, but a narrative hypothetical “world opinion” poll among those who have an opinion would not count on it.

Annorak is a relatively new nation, comprised of a handful of explorer families who hailed from the former MacLear Empire. After the Mage Storm, they headed west in search of new lands and fortunes. As such, they were not established during the formation of the Third Accord. Nevertheless, as it is a part of the Cultural Norm of this age, the COMO registrars were around in the early days of Annorak’s formation and so the government and people tend to abide by it.

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Capital Arrodeon
Leader Proconsul Duncan Ó Neill
Beliefs Wilder pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly human (urson)

Founded by remnants of a MacLear empire province in the aftermath of the Mage Storm. As such, they consider themselves the heirs and successors of the MacLear empire.

Brigitannia is a member of the Third Accord.

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Capital Elkheart
Government Hereditary Monarchy
Leader Shaman Queen Belladonna
Beliefs Eternal Host pantheon (traditional)
Inhabitants Varied

Eristad was the first non-Solaran adapter of the Third Accord and is the Solaran Empire’s oldest ally. While they are not (in name) a theocracy, they are a highly religious nation and people, founded on the veneration of Erastil and the Eternal Host pantheon. When Lex Goodman reformed the church in the Eternal City (and by default, the Coalition of Mystic Overseers), it caused a severe strain on relations between the two states that remains to this day.

Eristad is a member of the Third Accord.

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Leader Watcher Ubreyn Neophtalii
Beliefs Mostly Elven pantheon
Inhabitants Varied; Mostly dwarves and elves

The city-state of Equedel is home to the Eirassai Communion which is charged with guarding against the dark elven threat to the rest of the world. It is a notable non-member of the Third Accord, citing the need to bring any and all actions to bear against the threat they face. This stance is interesting, considering your point of view, since it was divinely-supported undead Feadrell (the original traitor to the dark elf) whose actions led to the Mage Storm.

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The Free Cities

The Cities Eyre, Hammerwall, MacLear, Sevengates, Skyfall
Beliefs Mostly Elder Host pantheon; Wilders pantheon notably represented
Inhabitants Varied; mostly human, half-elf, gnome, halfling

After the Mage Storm and the institution of the Third Accord, many of the former citizens of the MacLear empire began to congregate in five of the empire’s oldest cities. The empire already being old and on the verge of collapse, the citizenry were not ready to return to the old ways. As time went by, however, and anarchy reigned, devolution into chaos soon had the public crying out for some kind of return to civilization.

After decades of debate, failed isolationism, barbarian raids, civil unrest, and outright war, the Charter of the Free Cities was born.

By charter, the leaders of the Free Cities are free to title themselves anything they wish, as long as the title includes the word “Mayor.” Also by charter, the Free Cities abide by the Third Accord.

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Leader Underking
Inhabitants Mostly mountain men (volton), hobgoblin, goblin, duergar, kobald

Allegedly founded on the legendary spot where the goblin hero Gaxkang found the copper dragon Thalármion’s egg is the underground kingdom of Gaxthal. Conspicuous to this underground kingdom are the absence of drow or dwarf. Despite traditional assumptions, the Gaxthali have little contact with uplanders, take little thought towards them, and generally have a “live-and-let-live” attitude.

Gaxthal are not members of the Third Accord. To be clear, it is uncertain whether or not they are even aware of it.

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Hak’kor Empire

Capital Chiletheon
Notable City Lanadell Falls, the City of Life (former capital of Sadâr-Balëth)
Supreme Ruler Overlord Tzern
Former Ruler/Aide (Arch)Duchess Praxessa
Deposed Elven Kings/Queens King El’arion of Brightmoon, Queen Lor’aloth of Silverspring, Queen Tâ’marel of Raindance
Beliefs Eternal Host pantheon, chiefly Asmodeus in Hak’kor proper; mostly Elven pantheon in Sadâr-Balëth
Inhabitants Mostly tiefling in Hak’kor proper; mostly elf, half-elf, and dragonborn in occupied Sadâr-Balëth

During a period of time between 482–485 5A, the elven/dragonborn nation of Sadâr-Balëth (which occupies the southern portion of the rainforests of Sadâr-Balëth) defaulted on a number of trade contracts (which were entered into ill-advisedly) with Hak’kor. This resulted in the piecemeal annexation of the nation by Hak’kor and the eventual official complete formation of the Hak’kor Empire on 22 Mí na Nollag 485 (the winter solstice).

Hak’kor is a member of the Third Accord.

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Capital Grok’nigor
Ruler Warchief
Beliefs Orc pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly orc, half-orc, hobgoblin, and goblin

Kalakkorg is not a member of the Third Accord.

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Capital City of Pearls
Leader King Kamehameha II
Beliefs Elder Host pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly human (isle dwellers)

Kawaiki is a member of the Third Accord.

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Mountains of Drax

Beliefs Dragon pantheon
Inhabitants Dragons

While not a country per se, this is included because of its import. Mount Drax, in the center of the mountains, is the largest mountain in the world. It is an active volcano. And this mountain range (which covers over 125 thousand square miles) is home to dragons. Lots of dragons. Most of them don’t do anything, though. Mostly.

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Capital Heliopolis
Government Monarchy
Ruler Pharaoh Ramses
Beliefs Pharaonic pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly human (dunesmen)

Neferkat is a relatively new nation, far removed from the rest of the “civilized world.” It is not a member of the Third Accord.

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Ruler Valsharess Zaria D’meln
Beliefs Elven pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly dark elf, goblin, duergar

The underground nation state of Nylear is drow sovereign territory. It is not a member of the Third Accord.

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Solaran Empire

Solaran Provinces

Capital Solaran, the Eternal City
Major City Arrowsmark
Leader Hierarch Talus Johann
Beliefs Elder Host pantheon
Inhabitants Varied

The Solaran Empire is the keeper of the Third Accord and as such is home to the Coalition of Mystic Overseers.

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The Stonesmark

Head of the Dwarven Council of Kings King Tanner Blondbeard
Beliefs Dwarven pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly dwarves

The Stonesmark has a council of seven dwarven kings. The underground land of the Stonesmark is a member of the Third Accord, and dwarven sovereign territory.

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Capital Chalu
Leader King T’Kuzze
Beliefs Elder Host pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly human (tropical men)

The jungle nation of Vakanda is a member of the Third Accord and is rich with resources and rare metals.

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Capital Námon
Ruler High King Aragond
Beliefs Eternal Host pantheon
Inhabitants Mostly ékodarian

Valaria is a member of the Third Accord.

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