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City Map

Initial City Concept

City Locations in Detail



  • The Great Temple of Pelor
  • Coalition Center
    • Home of the Tower of the Coalition of Mystic Overseers (and the Crucible of Serenity)
      • Grand High Inquisitor Moone
    • Larger residences, sedate shops, some wealthy villas, some civic buildings
  • The Mahoganies
    • A district of grandiose beauty, the home of the nine noble houses
    • Named for the rows of mahogany trees, interspersed with ylang-ylang trees, giving the district a pleasing scent as well
  • Cobblestones District
    • a.k.a. “The Cobbles” neighborhood
    • Oldest residential neighborhood
    • Taverns, inns, brothels, rough part of town
  • Eternal Plaza
    • Temples to (most) gods of the Eternal Host
    • Also shrines, inns, taverns, stables
    • The Velvet Kiss
      • High-class brothel in Eternal Plaza district, dedicated to Calistria
      • Madame Blaze, Proprietor
  • Eastern Wharf
    • The Grande Customs Bazarr at the Eastern Wharf
      • The major trade locale in the city
    • Most foreigners/visitors found here
    • Warehouses, food stuffs, taverns, etc.
  • West Docks
    • Second-largest food market, mostly imports for city support
    • Lower-class district
  • Civic Quarter
    • Heart of the city government
    • Most publicly-accessed Imperial civic buildings here also
    • Food market, etc.
  • The Sootshoe District
    • Center of city crafting
    • Dye houses, tanners, smithies, weavers, papersmiths, etc.
  • The Commons
    • Trade schools, shops, mid-size residences, workshops
  • The Anvils
    • Secondary, higher-class crafting/trades district
    • Glassblowers, metalsmiths, woodworkers, etc.
  • Arena
    • Home of the Warrior Caste
    • Also location of the city’s major prison and internment camp

Non-Government Organizations

  • The Nightravens
    • Solaran’s most prominent thieves’ guild
    • Natya Elsovear, leader — secretly put in charge by the Council of Thirteen’s “blackstaff.”
  • The Merchant Houses
  • The Midnight Sons
    • Well-funded assassins, thugs, ne’er-do-wells.
    • Their unknown patron occasionally demands a mage be smuggled out of the city. As long as they comply, they continue to gain funding.

Other Persons of Note

  • Solgor Torim
    • Charismatic and wealthy dwarven merchant. Secretly representing Hak’koran interests.


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