Moone’s real name is Kayla Brightmoon, the sister of the elven King El’arion of Brightmoon. She came to Solaran years ago, founding a conspiracy to topple the Hak’kor empire from without.

The conspiracy was nearly toppled itself, however, when then-Hierarch Vanushan Ilion got wind of the conspiracy and ordered then-Warrior Caste council Amahd Ta to hunt her down and execute her. When he refused on grounds of honor, Hierarch Ilion banished him.

Knowing the heat was on, but that she had to remain in the city to finish her mission, Kayla devised a plan with her long-time best friend Arkmena and kept it secret even from the rest of the Conspiracy.

Kayla “recorded” her memories in a book and gave it to Borgan (one of the Conspiracy heads in Solaran), with the instruction to give it to the Verdant Heart mercenary group in Sadâr-Balëth and have them bring it back. The time for the book to make its trip, she figured, would be time enough for “the heat” to wear down.

Meanwhile, Kayla and Arkmena crafted a stone of false memories. This would be the basis for “Moone’s” personality.

Then came the heart of the plan: Kayla and Arkmena secreted away one fateful night, snuck into the Tower of the Coalition of Mystic Overseers, and Kayla subjected herself to the Crucible of Serenity. The Crucible stripped Kayla of her magic, her personality — everything that made her who she was. However, unlike most who are put through the Crucible, Kayla had the stone of Moone, and a new personality was ready to take over.

As the process was concluding, Coalition guards burst in to the Crucible chamber. As the last vestiges of Kayla left her, she witnessed her long-time friend Arkmena giving her life so the process could complete. With her last breath, Arkmena teleported “Moone” to safety.

Moone began her new life waking in the studies under Irori’s monastery, supposedly having just fallen asleep studying. Previously-made bribes by Arkmena to key personnel in the priesthood saved any eyebrows from being raised. There Moone labored among the dusty tomes and scrolls until the day she discovered the original reformation document hidden away in obscurity.

“Moone” is Grand High Inquisitor of the Coalition of Mystic Overseers.


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