Candra D’enoure


His name was Silver. A violet-eyed, raven-haired half elf who — he claimed — was a fey-pact warlock.

His team was elite:

  • Grifter: Siria Rojan (You), a red-headed charismatic avmaneese with a tongue that could charm [insert cliché here].

  • Hitter: Elliot Birchbeard, a foul-tempered dwarf with fists of iron
Fabricator: Hardison Ulyo, a gnome wizard who could magically fabricate any key, divine any code, create any identity

  • Thief: Parker, a human rogue who was just like Parker on Leverage
Mastermind: Himself

The mission was to break into the bowels of the Coalition of Mystic Overseers and steal the records of dozens of registered magi. The briefing made it clear a client was paying top dollar to retrieve them. Silver made it sound like the targeted magi were being scouted for future work. Target date was two weeks from briefing.

Ten days later, Silver approached you, saying he’d learned the client wanted these records for nefarious purposes. The supposed “records” were actually blood samples of particularly vulnerable magi, who were being used against their will by the Coalition, and the client simply wanted the blood so he could continue the control. He convinced you to, during the job, destroy the samples and free the magi from anybody’s control. He assured you he could sell an “accident” story to the client and everybody would still get paid.

Two nights later, you were visited by a moon faerie. She identified herself as a servant of the Celestials moon-goddess Noralun, and exposed Silver as being not a fey warlock, but a fiendish warlock, working for someone high up in the Solaran government called the “Black Hierarch” who was like the Hierarch, but devoted to Asmodeus. She told you there were no mage records where you were going, and that Silver was going to betray you.

She told you she realized all this was a lot to take in, that you had no reason to trust her (“with good reason,” she said, “the moonlight plays tricks, but it also reveals them”) and that you’d need to think it over. She left you the silver bell (with no clapper), telling you to ring it if you got in over your head.
Two nights later was the night of the job.

Cue Leverage music

Some smooth sailing, some hitches (that were foreseen and you had the flashbacks to prove it), and some heavy-duty-infiltrating later, you were in the sub-levels of the Coalition of Mystic Overseers Tower, just one level below the Crucible of Serenity itself. As Parker used the stone Hardison gave her to open the lock and you walked in, you could see that the moon faerie was telling the truth. This was no records room, but a high-value storage vault.

Silver grabbed and pocketed a large ancient vial of what appeared to be blood, and handed other vials to you and the other three. They appeared not to notice the switch. “Quickly!” he said in your head, “before they notice you!” As you hesitated, you saw the other three seem to have heard the same thing. They threw the vials on the ground and each of them began to be enveloped in a strange reddish gas, choking and transforming into something vile.

Time seemed to slow. You looked at Silver, and saw him smiling. As you did so, you caught a glimpse of something shining under his cloak…a symbol of Talona. The flesh was rotting on your three compatriots, and you could see Silver point at you, beginning to mouth the words of what you instinctively knew was some kind of command spell.

As quickly as you could, you pulled out the silver bell and rang it. You heard nothing, but felt a vibration tear through your being. As the abbreviated command, “DROP…” reached your ears, you found yourself in the astral plane, a faint “ting…ting…ting…” still echoing.

An elven girl was there. She saw you, smiled, and waved. As soon as you began to process this, you were back in the flat Siria was renting, infused with a power you didn’t understand. You were out before morning and have not returned.

Candra D’enoure

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